District 14 Area 66 Northwest Texas
Alcoholics Anonymous
San Angelo, Mertzon, Ballinger, Sonora, Robert Lee
  24 Hour Hotline: 325-939-8939     LIST OF ALL MEETINGS        MAP OF ALL MEETINGS     

24 Hour Hotline: 325-939-8939

THE ITEMS IN RED ARE REQUIRED. Please use the TAB KEY to move thru the form.

This form is to Submit a group GSR and Alternate GSR District Report.
please fill in the group name, contact phone and address, etc.
This report will be emailed to the District Secretary and Alt Secretary for processing
GSR District Reporting Form
    Report Date: 7/12/24

Group Name:    
Email: Your Name:

Please note: To ensure consistent reporting and to assist the District Secretary,
Please use this form for reporting at all District Meetings.
Please do not report on your group’s meeting days/times, etc.
Those can be looked up on the website.
Provide information about how your group is involved in carrying the message outside the group. How do you encourage members to get involved in group, District and Area activities; describe any issues your group has had and the solutions you have used to overcome them and any upcoming events or group/meeting changes. Please write your report below

Have you received any requests for Bridge the Gap - what was the result

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Where and how is your group involved in carrying the message outside of the group?
Please list all so we can update the district schedule

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Describe any issues that your group has had and the solutions that you have used or decisions that you have made to overcome them:

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Has your group changed any meetings or planned any events?

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Have health issues affected your group attendance - have there been any changes in your group

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